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Thursday, December 7, 2017


It's time to make arrangements for your 2nd semester scholarship payments.  Please refer to the letter you received right after graduation .... contact the scholarship donors as directed in the letter.  Provide 2nd semester college registrations to if your letter instructed you to. 

Please take a few minutes while home for the holidays to organize this necessary information so that payments can be made as soon as possible.  Happy Holidays! 

Monday, December 4, 2017

Concert time !!

The LMHS Winter Concert is tomorrow night- Tuesday, 12/5 at 7 PM in the auditorium, free admission. The middle and high school bands and choruses will be performing. Join us!

Monday, November 20, 2017


Tap into your dreams! Fueled by imagination and tales of fantasy and whimsy, visit an indoor forest of embellished trees – boasting unlikely marriages of objects, strange juxtapositions, and marvelous scenes. See holiday trees depicting a spectacular toy land, a lighthearted garden party, an amusing fun house, or even an enchanted castle. Trees will be decorated with bountiful collections of holiday keepsakes or medleys of trinkets, like amazing curio cabinets: dreamlike, surreal, and extraordinarily odd.

The Berkshire Museum Festival of Trees opened Friday November 17th and this year both LMHS and LES are participating in this exciting annual event. Please be sure to stop in and view both of these art projects that represent our wildcat family which will be on display through January 7th, 2018!

Lee High School
Tree Title: Chimeric Oracular Sentient Dream Beings:
Definition to accompany title: Celestially inspired by the obscure and optimistic imaginations of we empyrean creatures.

Lee Elementary School (3rd + 4th grade)
Tree Title: Laura’s Dream (from the Nutcracker)
Definition to accompany title: A collaboration with Jacob’s Pillow! Added sub-theme of “you watch us and we watch you” and had students incorporate wiggly eyes. Two sided ornaments with both Nutcracker imagery and Jacob’s Pillow advertising material.

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