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Thursday, March 26, 2020

Chromebook Distribution

Please go to this link for information regarding how to sign up for a school Chromebook for students to use at home during this time. Also included is a link to the Spectrum program for two months of free internet for households with a K-12 student.

If you need a Chromebook, you'll also need to download the user agreement here.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Updates: 3/17/2020

Hello LMHS Families,
As we begin this unprecedented stretch without formal schooling, I'll try to keep everyone updated whenever we have news to share.  I do know that a small number of families may not receive these emails, so please share when you are able.  I'll also post on our website and on our Facebook account (which anyone can like/follow to receive updates:  Here are some updates and suggestions for educational opportunities while students are home:
  • >Remember, we are closed until Tuesday, April 7 as of this point in time.  The LMHS building and grounds are closed to everyone except our maintenance staff, who are conducting a deep clean of the building.
  • >The MIAA has tentatively rescheduled the start of the spring sports season to Monday, April 27 as the first day of practices.  The expectation at this point is that a shortened season would occur, with the MIAA tentatively having the championships ending by June 20.  During this period until April 27, no organized contact is allowed between the coaches and potential team members, nor are any informal or "captains" practices allowed.
  • >College-bound seniors are encouraged to use time in these weeks to continue to apply for scholarships!  The scholarship page of the website will continue to be maintained at  Scholarship deadlines are still important to follow! 
  • >Please remind your students to log in to their school email regularly, and also to check their Google Classrooms.  Many teachers will be emailing (or posting on Google Classroom) with check-ins and activities designed to keep students' minds active and in shape for the return to school.
  • >I have asked teachers to contact students who may currently be failing their class(es), to electronically provide work that could help those students improve their grades during this stretch of time.  Please encourage your students to do this work and catch up!
  • >Students who are taking online courses (through VHSEducere, etc.) should continue working on those courses from home as much as is possible.  The online providers are not, at this time, planning to extend due dates or course end dates though that may change in the future.  If your student is taking an online course or two, please encourage them to log on and continue that work.
  • >Students who are enrolled in AP classes may receive some assignments from their teachers intended to help the students continue to make progress toward the AP exam in May.  We have taken the College Board up on their offer to delay the AP exams until later in May (the 20th through 22nd).  Further changes to the AP exam schedule may occur.
  • >At this time, the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has not yet decided on what to do regarding spring MCAS testing.  Obviously, the grade 10 ELA test will not occur next week as originally scheduled.  As we get more information from the state, we will keep you updated.
  • >Later today, a running list of suggested activities for students to do while home will be available at this link.  These are suggestions intended to allow students to continue to "exercise their brain" during this period of time.  We will continue to add to it as we move forward.
What's important during this truly unprecedented time is that we continue to work together as a community of learners.  Remember that the purpose for this period without school is to try and slow down the spread of the COVID-19 virus, so it's vitally important that we follow the "social distancing" guidelines that call for small groups (maximum of ten) and maintaining distance even in those small groups (about six feet apart), and also for protecting those among us who are most at-risk (including senior citizens and those with pre-existing health conditions).  Together, we will get through this difficult stretch.
I hope that we are able to return to school and a sense of normalcy soon.  In the meantime, be safe and know that if you have any questions or concerns that the school can help with, please feel free to contact me.

All the best,

Gregg M. Brighenti
Lee Middle and High School

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